George LaRocque

Founder: LaRocque Market Analyst
Host: HR MarketWatch Podcast on HR HappyHour Network, HR Tech Vendor

George LaRocque is recognized as one of the top influencers and thought leaders in the world of B2B Human Resources and workforce technology. He has amassed more than 20 years in the field as a Recruiter, Talent Management professional, and HR practitioner, HR Technology executive, analyst, and consultant. As an analyst, he is focused on the HR Technology space and involved in some of the most comprehensive and current research on trends impacting HR and HR Technology.

Judith Lindenberger

President/The Lindenberger Group

Judith Lindenberger has a distinguished career in human capital consulting and is recognized for her innovation and excellence. She is the President of The Lindenberger Group, LLC which provides results-oriented talent management consulting to help people and organizations improve their productivity and
performance. Ms. Lindenberger is a highly-sought after speaker and has certifications as a career counselor, master trainer, and instructional designer, organizational development specialist and is certified in DDI, MBTI and The Profilor. She has published many articles on topics that include mentoring, training, employee management, diversity and career management for women.

Karen van Nouhuys

Human Resources Consultant

Karen van Nouhuys is an accomplished Human Resources Consultant with more than 20 years of corporate experience in financial and legal services.
Prior to consulting for small businesses, she was the Head of Human Resources and Administration in the New York office of Investcorp International Inc.
an alternative investment firm and participating member of the New York City HR Private Equity Roundtable. Karen managed the development of all processes in recruiting, hiring, onboarding, and employee and labor relations. Prior to her position at Investcorp, she spent thirteen years at Preston Gates, an international law firm, where she provided oversight of the day to day operations of administration and facilities, in addition to providing counsel to management of all levels.