Spending your time paper chasing? Not anymore.

CathybwHi, I’m Cathy Reilly. My career started in the U.S. Navy. I worked in communications and had a Top Secret Security Clearance. Getting into my workspace daily, I had to show ID, be in proper uniform and key in a secret “door-code-of-the-day” via a high security hidden panel. As a result, I was blown away by my first experience with civilian employment. I was handed the keys to the castle on day one, but given very little direction.

Since then I’ve always been intrigued by the whole new hire process (which includes contractors and temporary employees). It’s always puzzled me…How do you take a brand new, unfamiliar individual and plug them into your company? What’s the best way to train them quickly and consistently? How do you help them go from being an unrealized asset to becoming a valuable and happy contributor of the company?

After a 20 year career in Human Resources, I knew there had to be a better way. A more engaging and unified way. A more fun way! It didn’t exist, so I created it.

I created Onboardia for HR professionals who are:

  • Eager to bring engagement, consistency, efficiency and personality to the onboarding process.
  • Frustrated by overly complicated technology that offers more than they need and/or are paying for tools they don’t use.
  • Motivated to implement tools that help retain employees
  • Tired of doing everything manually
  • Know that a better start for new hires means a better everything…Why? Because I was this person!

Today at Onboardia, we support clients across a variety of industries (hence, they all wear different shoes!) who share one thing in common—they know well-supported employees are their best asset. I’m so excited to share this platform and its benefits with you. I’d love to show you around.

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Cathy A. Reilly