Our clients come from a variety of industries and sectors—from healthcare and industrial to real estate, tech, and sports—and their employees wear a variety of shoes, from dress shoes to work boots or something in between. As for us, we keep our footwear casual but our dedication is always buffed and polished.

Onboardia will fit for your organization if:

  • Your company is growing or mid-sized
  • Your current onboarding process is manual. You’re tired of redundancies and the paper-chase
  • You know that well-supported people are an organization’s best asset
  • You want to automate the process work in order to increase new hire engagement
  • Some of your employees may work at unconventional times and you want flexibility for their onboarding process
  • Your employees may be located in different locations
  • Consistency is lacking in your current onboarding process

Does this sound like your organization?

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