A refreshingly flexible approach to onboarding.

Do you believe that well-supported employees are your best asset? If yes, Onboardia is designed to help you familiarize, train and retain them—seamlessly.

Created by HR professional, Cathy Reilly, Onboardia is an easy-to-use, customizable, web based platform that helps you turn onboarding and training into a pleasure (for your employees and for your organization).

Why choose Onboardia?

  1. Our platform is built by an HR professional for HR professionals. (We believe in it so much, that we were our own first customer!)
  2. We know that employees, contractors and temps are humans, not robots.
  3. You get a robust platform that is super-nimble to use. (We’ve even been told, “It’s fun!”)
  4. Getting to know your organization, and strategizing how we can maximize Onboardia to best support your company, is included!
  5. Manual onboarding can be tedious, inefficient, inconsistent and void-of-personality for everyone involved. We make it easier and more engaging.
  6. You have so much freedom within the Onboardia platform. It’s customizable and versatile.
  7. We provide a complete orientation training template that allows you to add your company logo, images and documents—and voila—you’re up and running! Prefer to start from scratch? You can do that too. Plus, we include four hours of editing services to make sure your program is just right.
  8. Priced-to-please. An online onboarding platform doesn’t need to break your company’s budget to provide everything you need. Our Business Plan is an annual subscription that’s priced to suite your needs. At any time, enhance as you like.

Tired of doing everything manually? Want a more refreshing way to onboard, train and retain your employees?

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