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Introducing the brilliantly-simple, highly-effective online orientation and training platform that saves time, boosts profits, and transforms new hires into productive employees.

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Increase productivity from day one.

Here's how Onboardia works...

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1. Create Training

Onboarding begins with our New Hire Orientation training template, or create your own. Easily customize content, new hire paperwork, files, video, images, web links, tests, surveys, and mandate policy sign-off.

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2. Grant Access

Assign a unique identifying number to each employee to automate the login and onboarding process. Employees access their new hire orientation or training online, safely and securely on or off site.

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3. Monitor Progress

Log in anytime to view analytics and reports. Each employee progress is tracked ensuring satisfactory and on-time completion. Compliancy is documented.

Proudly Serving Our Clients

  • “Hiring new staff is only half the challenge.
    Getting them up to speed is the other half.”

    Cathy Reilly, Founder, Onboardia, Inc.

  • “We usually hire temps at the last minute - it's the nature of our business.
    We can't often spare the time or resources to train them, yet we need temps to be of value from day one.”

    Janet Cortazzi, H.R. Director